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Kangaroo Pouch For Baby

2 Reviews

Improve oxygen saturation level.

Decreased pain & crying & develop better sleeping pattern.

Increased weight gain & growth.

Made by soft material for most comfort of the baby.


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Helps in stabilize the baby’s heart rate & temperature.?Improves baby’s breathing pattern & making it more regular.?The threading material & cloth used are of the finest quality for better skin-to-skin touch & feel.?Improves bonding & feeling of closeness.?Increased breast milk supply.


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Latest reviews

  1. Aastha saini

    Kangaroo Pouch is one of the best pouch for a small baby. It is made by soft material which is most comfortable for babies.

  2. Sonia Saini

    A quality pouch for babies that Improves the oxygen saturation level and supports good sleep.

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