3M Autoclave Tape Comply

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Brand: 3M
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    18mmX55m Lead-free steam indicator tape is a trusted high-quality adhesive that is easy to apply. 3M autoclave tape securely seals packs and enables CSSD.3Ms skin prep solution is one of the best povidone-Iodine-based broad spectrum skin prepping solutions for pre- and post-surgical skin antisepsis.

    • Size: 18mmX55m
    • Lead-free
    • Steam Indicator Tape
    • Easy to apply

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  • The 3M Autoclave Tape Comply is a specialized adhesive tape used in autoclave sterilization processes. It is designed to indicate whether the sterilization conditions have been met within an autoclave or steam sterilizer.

    Here are some key features and characteristics of 3M Autoclave Tape Comply:

  • Indicator: The tape contains a chemical indicator or ink that changes color when exposed to specific temperatures or conditions typically achieved in an autoclave. This color change indicates that the tape has been subjected to the necessary temperature and pressure for sterilization.

  • Adhesive: The tape has an adhesive backing that allows it to be securely attached to various surfaces, such as sterilization packs, pouches, or wrapped items. The adhesive ensures that the tape remains in place during the sterilization process.

  • Easy-to-Read: The tape is usually marked with clear color-changing indicators and/or printed markings, such as stripes or text, that clearly indicate whether sterilization conditions have been met. This allows healthcare professionals or technicians to quickly and easily assess the results.

  • Reliable Performance: 3M is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality products. The Autoclave Tape Comply is designed to provide reliable and accurate indications of successful sterilization cycles.

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