3M Avagard Handrub Blue 500ml

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Brand: 3M
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    • Blue-colored quality sanitizer from 3M in a 500 ml container. It is Propanol-based Hand hygiene with an alcohol-based antiseptic solution.It can be used in a fraction of the time. Reduces the amount of water, sterile cloths, and scrub brushes that are wasted?blue in color.
    • Best quality sanitizer from 3M in 500 ml
    • Content: Proponol based
    • Hand hygiene and infection control with an alcohol-based antiseptic solution
    • To prevent skin dryness, it contains a moisturizer and an emollient.
    • It can be used in a fraction of the time.
    • Reduces the amount of water, sterile cloths, and scrub brushes that are wasted.
    • blue in color.

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  • 3M Avagard Handrub is a popular antiseptic hand disinfectant produced by 3M. It is designed to effectively kill bacteria and germs on the hands, promoting hand hygiene and reducing the risk of infections. Avagard Handrub is commonly used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • Composition: Avagard Handrub typically contains active ingredients such as ethyl alcohol (usually around 70% to 75% concentration), which acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. It may also include other ingredients to enhance the product's efficacy and improve skin conditioning.

  • Rapid and Persistent Action: Avagard Handrub is known for its rapid action, providing effective disinfection within a short period. It has been designed to have persistent antimicrobial activity, helping to maintain a high level of hand hygiene for an extended period after application.

  • Convenience and Ease of Use: Avagard Handrub is typically available in a liquid form, allowing for easy application and spreading across the hands. It often comes in bottles or dispensers that facilitate convenient and controlled dispensing of the product.

  • Skin-friendly Formulation: While Avagard Handrub is effective against microorganisms, it is also formulated to be gentle on the skin. Many variants of Avagard Handrub contain moisturizers or emollients that help to prevent skin dryness and irritation, even with frequent use.

  • Broad Application: Avagard Handrub is primarily used as a hand sanitizer in healthcare settings. It is commonly used by healthcare professionals before and after patient contact, as well as in various other situations where hand hygiene is crucial.

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