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BD PrecisionGlide Needle 30G X 0.5 Pack of 100 Pcs

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The BD PrecisionGlide Needle 30G X 0.5 is a medical-grade needle commonly used for injections or drawing blood. The "30G" refers to the gauge of the needle, with a higher number indicating a thinner needle. In this case, 30G is a very thin needle. The "0.5" refers to the length of the needle, which is 0.5 inches long.This product comes in a pack of 100 pieces, which is useful for medical professionals who need to administer a high volume of injections or blood draws. It is manufactured by BD, a company that specializes in medical supplies and devices.It is important to note that very thin needles like the 30G may be more difficult to use and may require more skill and experience on the part of the medical professional administering the injection or draw. Additionally, medical procedures involving needles should only be performed by trained professionals and under sterile conditions to minimize the risk of infection and other complications.

The BD PrecisionGlide Needle with a 30G (gauge) and 0.5-inch length is a medical device designed for various clinical applications, including injections and blood sampling. Here are some details about this specific needle:

  1. Gauge: The needle gauge refers to the thickness of the needle. In this case, the BD PrecisionGlide Needle has a gauge size of 30G. A higher gauge number indicates a thinner needle. A 30G needle is considered very thin, making it suitable for procedures where a smaller puncture site or a low pain threshold is desired.

  2. Length: The length of the BD PrecisionGlide Needle is 0.5 inches, which is equivalent to approximately 12.7mm. The needle length is relatively short and is commonly used for subcutaneous injections, where the needle is inserted into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin.

  3. PrecisionGlide Technology: BD PrecisionGlide Needles are designed with precision and sharpness in mind. They feature a sharp, beveled needle tip that allows for smooth and accurate insertion, reducing discomfort during the procedure.

  4. Compatibility: BD PrecisionGlide Needles with a 30G and 0.5-inch length can be used with various syringes and luer-lock connections. It is important to ensure compatibility between the needle and the syringe or medical device being used to ensure a secure and reliable connection.

  5. Sterility and Single-Use: BD PrecisionGlide Needles are sterilized and intended for single-use only. Following proper aseptic techniques and disposing of the needle after use is essential to prevent infection and maintain patient safety.

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