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BD Ultra Fine Needle Insulin Syringes -100 Pcs

Category: Express Delivery Syringe
Brand: BD
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    • BD Glide with TBL Needle Technology
    • The thin wall allows thinner needles with better drug flow
    • Tri Bevel tip allows easy penetration into the skin
    • Micro bonded Lubrication allows smooth penetration.
    • U-40 1ML Insulin Syringe with 0.25mm (31G) X 6mm Needle
    • For 40 units or less of insulin
    • Shortest BD insulin syringe needle
    • Sterilized using irradiation
    • For Single Use Only

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  • BD Ultra Fine Needle Insulin Syringes are medical devices used for injecting insulin into the body. These syringes are commonly used by individuals with diabetes to manage their condition. The "ultra-fine" designation indicates that the needle is thin and short, providing a less painful injection experience. The package includes 100 syringes, which are designed for single use only to prevent contamination and ensure safety. Individuals using insulin syringes should follow their healthcare provider's instructions for proper use, disposal, and care of their insulin delivery equipment.
  • Gauge: The gauge of the needle refers to its thickness. In this case, the BD Ultra-Fine Needle Insulin Syringe has a 31G needle. A higher gauge number indicates a thinner needle. A 31G needle is very thin, which may be beneficial for individuals who prefer a less noticeable injection or have a low pain threshold.
  • Needle Length: The needle length of these syringes is 6mm (or 0.25 inches). The 6mm length is considered to be short and is suitable for subcutaneous injections, where the needle is inserted into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin.
  • Compatibility: BD Ultra-Fine Needle Insulin Syringes with a 31G 6mm needle length are compatible with standard insulin vials. They are designed to fit securely onto the vial for drawing the required amount of insulin accurately.
  • Easy-to-Read Markings: The syringes have clear barrel markings, which allow for easy and accurate measurement of insulin doses. This is essential for proper insulin management.
  • Sterility and Single-Use: BD Ultra-Fine Needle Insulin Syringes are sterile and are intended for single-use only. It is important to follow proper disposal guidelines after each use.

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