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BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles (5 Piece)

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Brand: BD
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    Extra thin wall needle designed to improve flow rate.Requires less thumb pressure and time to dispense the full dose.5 bevel needle tip.Penetrates the skin with greater care for a smoother, more comfortable injection.Sterilized using radiation


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  • BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles are disposable needle tips for use with insulin pens. These needle tips are used to inject insulin into the body, and are a common method of delivery for individuals with diabetes. The "ultra fine" designation indicates that these needle tips are thin and short, providing a less painful injection experience. The package includes 5 needle tips, which are designed for single use only to prevent contamination and ensure safety. Individuals using insulin pens should follow their healthcare provider's instructions for proper use, disposal, and care of their insulin delivery equipment.
  • Needle Size: BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles are available in various lengths and gauges. The length typically ranges from 4mm to 8mm, while the gauge ranges from 29G to 32G. The gauge represents the thickness of the needle, where a higher gauge number indicates a thinner needle.
  • Thin Wall Technology: These pen needles feature thin wall technology, which allows for easier and more comfortable injections. The thin wall design helps reduce the resistance during injection, making the process less painful.
  • Triple Bevel Design: BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles have a triple bevel design on the needle tip. This design helps to enhance the sharpness and smoothness of the needle, promoting a more comfortable injection experience.
  • Compatibility: BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles are designed to be compatible with most insulin pens available in the market. However, it is always recommended to check the compatibility of the needle with your specific insulin pen model.
  • Safety Features: Some variants of BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles also come with safety features, such as needle covers or shields. These features help protect the needle from accidental damage or contamination and minimize the risk of needlestick injuries.

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