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BPL DT-04 Digital Thermometers

Category: Express Delivery Digital Instruments
Brand: BPL
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    • Option of two temperature modes: °F and °C
    • Highly accurate measurement with 30 sec measurement speed
    • Suitable for oral, rectal & under arm temperature measurement for adults & kids
    • Recalls the last measured reading
    • Raises an alarm if temperature exceeds 100 degree F

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  • A digital thermometer is an electronic device used to measure body temperature accurately. It is commonly used in households, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Here are some key features and benefits of digital thermometers:
  • Digital Display: Digital thermometers have an electronic display that shows the measured temperature in numerical form. This makes it easy to read and interpret the results.

  • Fast and Accurate: Digital thermometers typically provide quick temperature readings, often within seconds. They are known for their accuracy and can measure temperature with precision.

  • Flexible or Rectal Probe: Many digital thermometers come with a flexible or rectal probe for more accurate readings. These types of thermometers are especially useful for infants and young children.

  • Comes with two temperature modes - °F and °C
  • Has fever alarm function for temperature when it exceeds 100°F
  • Recalls the last measured reading
  • Shuts down the device automatically when not in use.

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