BPL Full Face BIPAP Mask Medium

Category: Critical Care
Brand: BPL
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    • Premium headgear makes fitting and adjustment a snap
    • Stability Selector for proper seal and fit
    • Angled exhalation ports direct air away from the bed partner
    • Single Patient Use

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The BPL Full Face Mask Medium also maintains minimum facial contact reducing the appearance of CPAP strap marks and pressure points. 

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Buy Full Face BIPAP mask


The most common type is the full face BiPAP mask, which covers both your nose and mouth. It is the most secure of the bunch, making it less likely to slip off your face even when you toss and turn in your sleep. The full face BiPAP mask is ideal for patients with severe  as they need higher pressure for maximum effectiveness.

Buy Full Face BIPAP mask

also great for people who breathe through their mouths because it covers both airways. With a full face mask, you have to deal with mouth leaks too frequently, compared to when you use a nasal mask or plug. That also means no more dry mouth in the morning. But the full face mask can be a bit bulky. It also prevents you from wearing glasses or reading before going to bed.  also not ideal if you feel uncomfortable at the thought of having half of your face covered for the next eight hours.

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