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Datt Medi VELFIX-T Film Transparent Dressing 6 cm X 10 cm

Category: Gauze Products
Brand: Datt
SKU: 30212

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It is transparent film dressings made up of high quality Polyurethane coated on one side with an adhesive. They are impermeable to liquid, water and bacteria but permeable to moisture vapor and atmospheric gases. Transparent film dressings provide a moist, healing environment; promote autolytic debridement; protect the wound from mechanical trauma and bacterial invasion; and act as a blister roof or “second skin.” Because they’re flexible, these dressings can conform to wounds located in awkward locations such as the elbow. The transparency makes it easy to visualize the wound bed.Designed to be clinician-friendly, the VELFIX-T dressing has an application process that reduces cross-contamination and prevents gloves from sticking to the adhesive. This makes it easy to mold around corners, ensuring a perfect fit and providing gentle yet reliable securement for the duration of use.

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