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Dispovan Pen Needles 5mm 31G (Pack of 10)

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Brand: Dispovan
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Dispovan Pen Needles 5mm 31G is a pack of 10 disposable needle tips for use with insulin pens. These needle tips are used to inject insulin into the body, and are a common method of delivery for individuals with diabetes. The needle length of 5mm and gauge size of 31G indicate that these needle tips are short and thin, providing a less painful injection experience. They are designed for single use only to prevent contamination and ensure safety. Individuals using insulin pens should follow their healthcare provider's instructions for proper use, disposal, and care of their insulin delivery equipment.

Dispovan Pen Needles are disposable pen needles used for insulin injection in patients with diabetes. The numbers "5mm" and "31G" refer to specific dimensions of the needle.

The "5mm" measurement indicates the length of the needle. In this case, the needle is 5 millimeters long. Needle length is an important consideration, as it determines the depth of injection into the skin. A 5mm length is considered suitable for most individuals, especially those with average body mass index (BMI) and subcutaneous fat distribution.

The "31G" refers to the gauge of the needle. The gauge indicates the thickness or diameter of the needle. In this case, 31G means that the needle has a thickness of 31 gauge. Generally, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the needle. Thinner needles are often preferred for their potential to reduce pain during injection.

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