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Dr Morepen Glucometer Strips 50

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Dr. Morepen strips used with Dr. Morepen Glucometer measure blood glucose concentration by self-testing.

Dr Morepen Glucometer Strips 50 Specifications

⦁ Buy 50 Dr. Morepen Glucometer Strips.
⦁ Household usage
⦁ Fast result in 5 seconds
⦁ 0.5 microlitre Blood Sample
⦁ Large display
⦁ Quick and accurate results



A glucometer is a device that measures the amount of glucose in your blood. Dr Morepen Glucometer Strips 50 are used with a glucometer to test your blood sugar level.

If you have diabetes, you will need to test your blood sugar levels regularly. You are testing your blood sugar level let you know if your diabetes is under control. It also helps you see if you need to adjust your insulin dose.

Glucometer strips are available without a prescription. You can use them to measure your blood sugar level.

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  1. Anupam kher

    I bought 50 strips of Dr. Morepen Glucometer on surginatal, and I have been using it for the last six months, it’s a highly accurate device to measure your blood sugar level. Surginatal is one of the best online surgical supply stores for genuine products at a very low price. I highly recommend Surginatal for online surgical or medical equipment purchases.

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