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Ethibond Sutures USP 5-0, 1/4 Circle Spatulated Ethalloy Double Needle -12 Foils

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Ethibond sutures are a type of synthetic, non-absorbable suture material that is commonly used in surgical procedures. The "USP 5-0" refers to the size of the suture thread, with 5-0 being a very small diameter thread. The "1/4 Circle" refers to the shape of the needle, which has a curved shape that is useful for stitching in tight spaces. The "Spatulated Ethalloy Double Needle" refers to the composition and design of the needle, which is made from a blend of metals (Ethalloy) and has a flattened, spoon-like tip (spatulated) that makes it easier to grasp tissue and pass the needle through it. Overall, this type of suture and needle combination is often used for delicate or precise surgical procedures, such as ophthalmic surgery or microsurgery.
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