Ethicon Stratafix Spiral PGA-PCL Bidirectional Sutures USP 2-0, 1/2 Circle Taper Point MH - SXMD2B400 -12 Foils

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    Needle Length: 36 mmSuture Length: 14 X 14 cmAbsorption Profile: AbsorbableDirectionality: BI-directionalSuture Diameter: USP 2-0Colour: UndyedSuture Material: PGA-PCLNeedle Description: 36 mm, 1/2 Circle Taper Point MH Needle

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Ethicon Stratafix Spiral PGA-PCL Bidirectional Sutures USP 2-0, 1/2 Circle Taper Point MH - SXMD2B400 is a type of surgical suture material. Here is what the various terms in the name mean:

  • Ethicon: This is the brand name of the suture material, which is produced by the company Ethicon, Inc.
  • Stratafix Spiral: This is the trade name of the suture material, which is a type of absorbable suture made from a combination of two polymers: polyglycolic acid (PGA) and polycaprolactone (PCL). The spiral design of the suture helps to provide more secure and uniform tissue approximation.
  • Sutures: This refers to the thread-like material that is used to stitch together tissues or close wounds during surgery.
  • USP 2-0: This refers to the size of the suture material. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, which is a set of standards that govern the quality of drugs and medical devices in the United States. The number 2-0 indicates that this is a relatively thick suture material, which is typically used for procedures that require strong tissue support or for closing large wounds.
  • 1/2 Circle: This refers to the shape of the needle that is attached to the suture material. A 1/2 circle needle has a curved shape that is half of a full circle.
  • Taper Point: This refers to the shape of the needle tip. A taper point needle has a gradually narrowing tip that is designed to penetrate tissue without causing excessive trauma.
  • MH: This refers to the needle's material and coating. MH needles are made of a high-strength stainless steel alloy, and they are coated with silicone to help reduce tissue drag and improve penetration.
  • SXMD2B400: This is a product code that is used by Ethicon to identify this specific type of suture material. The SXMD indicates that this is a Stratafix suture. The 2B400 indicates that this is a bidirectional suture with a length of 400 mm.

- Needle Length: 36 mm

- Suture Length: 14 X 14 cm

- Absorption Profile: Absorbable

- Directionality: BI-directional

- Suture Diameter: USP 2-0

- Colour: Undyed

- Suture Material: PGA-PCL

- Needle Description: 36 mm, 1/2 Circle Taper Point MH Needle

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