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Hicks is a famous brand for its quality products. Doctors and nurses are using these products for patients successfully because it has some functions like can be operated by a battery and other important functions also. We can also use it at home for our family. These products are made of high-quality standards and tested in labs also. Digital thermometers are famous for their accurate result and they can be used easily.

Hicks Skin Razor is also an important item for medical purpose and it is also used widely by doctors and nurses. This skin razor is made of platinum-coated Swedish stainless steel therefore it is very efficient in shaving hairs on the skin.

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Hicks Digital Thermometer

(1 Review)
  • Accurate and precise reading
  • Readings in digital format
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Safe, fast, and accurate
  • Reads temperature in approx 20 seconds
  • Can switch

Hicks Skin Razor (50 pcs)

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  • The razor blade is made of platinum coated swedish stainless steel.
  • A slight fingertip pressure allows the blade to smoothly shave close to the

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