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Hicks Oval Thermometer

Category: Express Delivery Digital Instruments
Brand: Hicks
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    • It gives you safe and accurate temperature measurements
    • Is easy to use and handle
    • It complies with international quality norms

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  • Hicks Oval Thermometer is made using advance technology to ensure you get accurate temperature measurements.hicks oval thermometer mercury  hicks oval thermometer price  hicks oval thermometer 1 | hicks oval thermometer online purchase | hicks oval thermometer mercury  hicks oval clinical thermometer
  • Digital Thermometers: These thermometers use electronic sensors to measure body temperature. They are easy to use, provide quick results, and often come with features such as a digital display and memory recall.

  • Infrared Thermometers: Infrared thermometers measure temperature by detecting the infrared energy emitted by the body. They are often used for non-contact temperature measurement and are particularly useful for taking forehead or ear readings.

  • Glass Mercury Thermometers: Glass mercury thermometers are less commonly used nowadays due to safety concerns. They contain a small amount of mercury that expands when heated, indicating the temperature on a scale. However, due to the potential health hazards associated with mercury exposure, many countries have phased out the use of mercury thermometers.

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