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Dent Flow-Light Cured Universal Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite

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Light Cured Universal Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite is an excellent flowable composite that delivers high strength & wears resistance. It is characterized by optimum surface affinity and penetrates easily into the most difficult areas. It combines esthetics as well as flow-on-demand handling for use.

A light-cured universal nano-hybrid flowable composite is a dental material used for restorative purposes. It is a type of composite resin that has specific characteristics and properties.

Here is a breakdown of the key components and features of this material:

  1. Light-cured: The composite resin is designed to be cured or hardened using a dental curing light. The curing light emits a specific wavelength of light that activates the photo-initiators present in the composite material, initiating a chemical reaction that causes the material to harden.

  2. Universal: The term "universal" indicates that this composite resin can be used for various restorative purposes, such as direct dental fillings, cavity repairs, and other minor restorations. It is versatile and can be applied to both anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth.

  3. Nano-hybrid: The composite resin is classified as a nano-hybrid because it contains a combination of nano-sized filler particles and micro-sized filler particles. This blend of particles helps to improve the mechanical properties of the material, such as strength, wear resistance, and polishability.

  4. Flowable: The composite resin has a flowable consistency, which means it has a relatively low viscosity and flows easily into small or hard-to-reach areas. This characteristic makes it suitable for use in situations where precise placement and adaptation are required, such as filling small cavities or restoring areas with intricate anatomy.

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