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Dent Hemo-25% Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Gel

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Brand: K-10
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    • Clear non staining gel
    • Thixotropic for easy application
    • Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding

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Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Gel is 25% buffered aluminum chloride thixotropic, nondripping gel for stopping minor gingival bleeding during restorative procedures, placement of metal bands, cervical matrixes, and crown preparations. Excellent handling properties make it easy to place class V composite restorations, cementation, and scaling in periodontic cases.

Aluminum chloride hemostatic gel is a dental product used to control bleeding during various dental procedures. It contains aluminum chloride, which is a chemical compound known for its hemostatic properties.

Here are some key points about aluminum chloride hemostatic gel:

  1. Hemostatic properties: Aluminum chloride is an astringent agent that promotes the formation of blood clots and helps control bleeding. When applied to the bleeding site, the aluminum chloride gel interacts with proteins and blood cells, causing vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and the formation of a clot.

  2. Gel formulation: The aluminum chloride hemostatic gel is typically formulated as a viscous gel. This gel consistency allows for easy and precise application to the bleeding area, ensuring direct contact and enhanced hemostatic effects.

  3. Dental applications: Aluminum chloride hemostatic gel is commonly used in various dental procedures where bleeding control is essential. It is often employed during dental extractions, periodontal surgeries, and other oral surgeries to manage bleeding and facilitate better visibility for the dentist.

  4. Localized use: The gel is applied directly to the bleeding site using a specialized applicator or other appropriate instruments. It is generally used in specific areas of the mouth rather than being applied to larger surfaces or used as a mouthwash.

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