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DENT U-LIQ Universal Glass Ionomer-GIC Liquid

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    Compatible to all types of GI cement with thick consistency liquid compatible for luting and lining both types of powder

    • Excellent wetting properties
    • Glass Ionomer formulation
    • Long term clinical data
    • Good color match to tooth structure

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The Universal Glass ionomer GIC Liquid has all the desirable properties of efficiency, ease of use, aesthetics, and biocompatibility. It offers naturally favorable results when mixed with glass ionomer powder due to its high translucency. It offers optimum working time, long-term fluoride release, and excellent mixing properties.

  • Indications:
  • Universal Glass ionomer Liquid is a suitable option for conventional cementation of a wide variety of luting and glass ionomer restorations:
  • Inlays, Onlays, crowns, and bridges are made of metal Crowns and bridges are made of high-strength ceramic
  • Metal posts as well as indirect metal posts and core complexes Orthodontic bands Ready-made steel crowns.
  • Abrasion and erosion cavities.

Universal Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) liquid is a component used in the preparation of glass ionomer dental cement. Glass ionomer cement are restorative dental materials that are commonly used for various dental procedures.

Here are some key points about the universal glass ionomer cement (GIC) liquid:

  1. Composition: The GIC liquid is typically an aqueous solution that contains water, tartaric acid, polyacrylic acid, and other specific additives. The specific formulation may vary among manufacturers, but these components contribute to the properties and performance of the glass ionomer cement.

  2. Acid-base reaction: Glass ionomer cement is formed by an acid-base reaction between the GIC liquid and a glass ionomer powder. The liquid acts as the acidic component, which reacts with the powder to form a hardened, adhesive, and biocompatible material.

  3. Dual functionality: GIC liquids serve two main purposes in cement formulation. First, they provide the acidic component necessary for the acid-base reaction with the powder. Second, they contribute to the setting and working properties of the cement, including viscosity, setting time, and film thickness.

  4. Universal application: The term "universal" indicates that the GIC liquid is designed for general or multipurpose use. It means that the liquid can be used with various glass ionomer cement formulations, allowing for versatility in restorative procedures.

Glass ionomer cement, including those made with universal GIC liquid, offers several advantages in dentistry. They have good biocompatibility, fluoride release, and chemical bonding to the tooth structure. These cement are commonly used for restorations such as fillings, core build-ups, cementing crowns or bridges, and bonding orthodontic brackets.

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