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Sensor Sleeves

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Brand: K-10
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    • Protects Equipment From Cross-Contamination
    • Protects Patient From Cross-Contamination
    • 500 Pieces
    • Soft & doesn't hurt patient
    • Patient Friendly
    • Fits on any sensor

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Sensor Sleeves protects your equipment and your patients from cross-contamination, custom-fit sensor sleeve - regardless of sensor size. Sleeves work with sensors of any size, shape, and thickness. Keep your patients safe and healthy and eliminate any chance of cross-infection by always using one time use disposable protective sleeves with your intraoral camera and other imaging devices. Patients will have comfort because theres less loose plastic to gag on.

  • In the dental field, sensor sleeves may refer to protective coverings used during dental procedures that involve the use of sensors or imaging devices. These sleeves are designed to maintain a sterile environment and protect both the patient and the dental equipment.
  • Intraoral sensors: Intraoral sensors are used in digital dental radiography to capture X-ray images of a patient's teeth and oral structures. To ensure patient safety and prevent cross-contamination, disposable sensor sleeves are often used to cover the sensor before it is inserted into the patient's mouth. These sleeves act as a barrier, preventing direct contact between the sensor and the patient's saliva or oral tissues. They are typically made of thin, transparent plastic materials that do not interfere with image quality.
  • Intraoral cameras: Intraoral cameras are used to capture high-resolution images or videos of a patient's teeth and gums for diagnostic or educational purposes. Similar to intraoral sensors, disposable sleeves can be used to cover the camera's handpiece during procedures. These sleeves help maintain a hygienic environment by preventing direct contact between the camera and the oral cavity.
  • By using sensor sleeves in dental procedures, dental professionals can ensure the safety and comfort of their patients while maintaining strict infection control protocols. It is essential to follow proper sterilization and disposal guidelines for these sleeves to prevent the spread of pathogens between patients.

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