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Kaltex sterile surgical gloves are made from natural rubber latex.
These gloves can be used for micro rough surfaces. These gloves are pre-powered with modified bio-absorbable corn starch for preventing many types of wound infections and granulomas.
These gloves are designed for single use only. These gloves give top barrier
protection for both doctors, nurses, and patients. Mainly these gloves are available in 6 sizes and creamy white color with standard packing. So sterile surgical gloves can be used easily for many medical purposes. Kaltex sterile surgical gloves are so much popular between many doctors and nurses. Even you can easily see Kaltex sterile surgical gloves in many hospitals.

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Kaltex Sterile Gloves

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  • Hygenic and dust free
  • With ISI Marka
  • Natural Rubber
  • Pre-powdered

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