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Nipro Syringe 2.5ml 27G*1.5 inch (100 Pcs)

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  • Good quality
  • Disposable sterile hypodermic syringe
  • Unique NIPRO Siliconized coating
  • Smooth gliding effect over the skin
  • 2.5 ml Luer Slip Syringe





Nipro Syringe 2.5ml 27gm is a good quality disposable sterile hypodermic syringe for single usage.

In comparison to other standard needles on the market, the Nipro 2.5 ml 27G *1.5-inch needle(100 Pcs) Hypodermic Needle has an ultra-thin wall, allowing for quick and effective drug delivery.

The lancet point is incredibly sharp, allowing it to penetrate tissue smoothly and with minimal stress. The color-coded and translucent hub allows for precise and easy identification in and out of the box.


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Weight0.82 kg
Dimensions34 × 12 × 10 cm

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