Romsons Centro Central Venous Catheter - Triple Lumen

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Brand: Romsons
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    • Its specially designed soft tip catheter makes the insertion atraumatic
    • Its specially designed Kink resistant guide wire with a soft J-tip prevents perforation and provides good torque to ensure firm insertion
    • It is sterile, individually packed in a blister tray pack

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  • The Romsons Centro Central Venous Catheter is also available in a triple lumen configuration. It is a medical device used for central venous access, similar to the double lumen and single lumen versions. The triple lumen catheter has three separate lumens or channels within the catheter for various functions, such as infusion of fluids or medications, withdrawal of blood samples, and monitoring of central venous pressure.
  • Here are some key points about the Romsons Centro Central Venous Catheter - Triple Lumen:
  • Function: The central venous catheter is used to access the central venous system, allowing for the administration of fluids, medications, blood products, and the monitoring of central venous pressure. The triple lumen design provides multiple channels within a single catheter, allowing for simultaneous functions without the need for additional catheters or needle sticks.

  • Insertion: The catheter is typically inserted by a healthcare professional in a sterile environment using aseptic techniques. Proper placement is confirmed using imaging techniques such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy.

  • Lumens: The triple lumen design includes three separate lumens within the catheter. These lumens are color-coded for easy identification and are used for different purposes. One lumen is typically used for infusion, another for withdrawal of blood samples, and the third for monitoring central venous pressure.

  • Sizing: The size of the catheter can vary depending on the patient's needs and the intended use. Common sizes range from 5 French to 8.5 French, with larger sizes providing increased flow rates.

  • Maintenance: Proper maintenance and care are crucial for the functioning and longevity of the central venous catheter. Regular flushing, dressing changes, and adherence to sterile techniques are essential to prevent complications such as infection or clot formation.


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