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Romsons Nelaton Catheter Nelcath

Category: Express Delivery Critical Care
Brand: Romsons
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    • Designed for short-term bladder catheterization through urethera.
    • Manufactured from Medical Grade PVC compatible with catheter lubricants.
    • Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation.
    • The coned distal end for atraumatic catheterization.
    • Two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.

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The Romsons Nelaton Catheter is a medical device used for urinary catheterization. It is named after Dr. Auguste Nélaton, a French surgeon who developed the catheter in the 19th century.

The Nelaton Catheter is a flexible, hollow tube typically made of medical-grade silicone or latex. It is inserted into the urethra to drain urine from the bladder in patients who are unable to empty their bladder naturally or require temporary urinary diversion. The catheter has a rounded tip for smooth insertion and side drainage eyes or holes near the tip to allow urine to flow into the catheter.

The Romsons Nelaton Catheter comes in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs, ranging from pediatric to adult sizes. The appropriate size is selected based on the patient's age, gender, and clinical requirements.

Before insertion, the catheter is usually lubricated to facilitate smooth passage through the urethra. It is important to maintain proper hygiene during catheterization to minimize the risk of infection.

The Romsons Nelaton Catheter is disposable and for single-use only. After catheterization, it should be properly disposed of according to healthcare facility guidelines.

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