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3 Ply Mask Individual Pack -(earloop) (100 Pcs)

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Brand: Surginatal
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  • A 3-ply face mask refers to a type of protective mask that is composed of three layers of material. These masks are commonly used for personal protection against airborne particles, including droplets that may contain bacteria, viruses, or other harmful substances. Here is a breakdown of the three layers typically found in a 3-ply face mask:
  • Outer Layer: The outermost layer is often made of a non-woven fabric, which provides a barrier against fluids, dust, and larger particles. This layer helps to prevent the penetration of external contaminants.

  • Middle Layer: The middle layer is usually a filtration layer that is designed to effectively filter out smaller particles. It is commonly made of a melt-blown fabric or another high-density material that has electrostatic properties to trap particles.

  • Inner Layer: The innermost layer, which comes in contact with the face, is typically made of a soft and hypoallergenic material for comfort. It helps to absorb moisture from the wearer's breath, reducing discomfort and preventing the mask from becoming damp.

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