Ambu Bag Pediatric

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Brand: Surginatal
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    • Made of 100% silicone material
    • Pressure Limiting Valve adjustments for performance
    • Presence of 360 swivel joint between patients.
    • Silicone Manual Resuscitator
    • Star Lumen Kink Resistant Oxygen Tubing
    • Reservoir Bag
    • Silicone Mask
    • Pressure Limiting Valve
    • Brand: Surginatal.

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What is Ambu Bag / Resuscitation Bag

An Ambu bag, also known as a manual resuscitator or bag-valve-mask (BVM) device, is a handheld device used in emergency medical situations to provide manual ventilation to patients who are unable to breathe adequately on their own. The pediatric version of the Ambu bag is designed specifically for use in infants and children. The Ambu bag pediatric model is smaller in size and has features that cater to the anatomical and physiological needs of pediatric patients.

Ambu Bag full form and key features:-

Ambu bag also could be as BVM and the full form is Bag Valve Mask

Here are some key characteristics of an Ambu bag pediatric:-

  • Size and Volume: Pediatric Ambu bags are smaller in size to accommodate the smaller airway structures and lung capacities of infants and children. They typically have a smaller bag volume compared to adult versions.

  • Mask Design: The pediatric Ambu bag comes with a smaller mask or facepiece that fits comfortably over the nose and mouth of a child. The mask is designed to create a secure seal to facilitate effective ventilation.

  • Pop-off Valve: The bag includes a pop-off valve or pressure relief mechanism that limits the maximum pressure generated during ventilation. This helps to prevent excessive lung inflation and potential injury.

  • Oxygen Reservoir: Some pediatric Ambu bags may have an attached oxygen reservoir bag. The reservoir bag allows for the delivery of higher concentrations of oxygen during ventilation.

  • Safety Features: Pediatric Ambu bags often include safety features such as pressure-limiting valves, which help prevent overinflation of the lungs, and an anti-asphyxia valve, which helps to minimize the risk of exhaled gases being rebreathed.

  • Visual Feedback: Some modern pediatric Ambu bags may have built-in indicators or gauges that provide visual feedback, such as showing the volume or pressure being delivered during ventilation.

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