Anaesthesia Face Mask Silicone

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    • Latex Free
    • All Models Are Reusable And Can Be Autoclaved Repeatedly At 134℃
    • Available In One Piece Or Dome/Cuff Type
    • Transparent For Visual Check Of Bleeding

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An anesthesia face mask is a medical device used to deliver anesthetic gases or oxygen to a patient during anesthesia induction or respiratory support. The silicone anesthesia face mask is one type of face mask commonly used in anesthesia and respiratory care. Here is some information about silicone anesthesia face masks:

Material: Silicone anesthesia face masks are made from a soft and flexible silicone material that provides a comfortable and secure fit on the patient's face. Silicone masks are often preferred due to their flexibility, durability, and ability to conform to various facial contours.

Design: Silicone anesthesia masks typically have a dome-shaped design that covers the nose and mouth of the patient. They may have an inflatable cuff or rim around the mask's edges, which helps to create an airtight seal and minimize air leakage.

Sizes: Silicone anesthesia masks are available in different sizes to accommodate various patient populations, from infants and children to adults. Proper mask size selection is crucial to ensure an effective seal and delivery of anesthesia gases or oxygen.

Connectors: The mask has a connector for attaching to the anesthesia breathing circuit or respiratory equipment. The connector is usually compatible with standard connectors used in anesthesia or respiratory care, such as the 22 mm standard connector.

Features: Some silicone anesthesia masks may include features such as a transparent or translucent mask body, which allows healthcare professionals to visually monitor the patient's face for any signs of airway obstruction, secretions, or skin color changes.

Cleaning and Sterilization: Silicone anesthesia masks should be cleaned and sterilized according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Proper care and maintenance help prolong the lifespan of the mask.

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