Tynor Arm Pouch Sling tropical

Category: Ortho Care
Brand: Tynor
SKU: 7911


    • Smart and sleek
    • specially made for kids in nursery patterned fabric
    • Does not cover the chest
    • Support to the arm or shoulder
    • Improves ventilation and comfort
    • Reduces thumb fatigue
    • Adjustable sling

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  • An arm pouch sling is a type of medical device used to support and immobilize the arm or shoulder after an injury or surgery. The term "tropical" in this context is not clear, as it does not typically describe a specific feature or characteristic of an arm pouch sling. However, I can provide you with information about arm pouch slings in general:
  • Design: An arm pouch sling is typically made of a fabric material, often adjustable, and designed to cradle and support the arm while keeping it in a comfortable and secure position. It usually has a strap or adjustable closure system that wraps around the neck and back, helping to distribute the weight of the arm evenly.

  • Immobilization: The primary purpose of an arm pouch sling is to immobilize and support the arm, shoulder, or elbow joint after an injury or surgery. It helps to minimize movement and provide stability, which can aid in the healing process.

  • Comfort: Arm pouch slings are designed to provide comfort during wear. They often have padded straps or cushioning to prevent discomfort and irritation on the neck and shoulder. The fabric used is usually breathable and lightweight to allow for better airflow.

  • Adjustability: Many arm pouch slings offer adjustability in terms of strap length, closure systems, and arm positioning. This adjustability allows for customization to fit different body sizes and injury requirements.

  • Usage: Arm pouch slings are commonly used for a variety of conditions, including fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, or post-surgical recovery involving the arm, shoulder, or elbow. They help provide support, reduce pain, and facilitate the healing process by restricting movement and protecting the injured area.

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