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Bain Circuit Pediatric

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  • Material: Latex
  • Application: ICU Use
  • Paediatric
  • 110 cm
  • Corrugated Tube: 16 mm



Surginatal disposable Bain Circuit Pediatric is a convenient and lightweight anesthesia delivery system. The greatest benefit of these bain circuits is that they are smaller and more reasonable. It is less difficult and has single-tube accommodation, and is versatile for all ages and every surgical procedure.

A Bain circuit is an anesthesia conveyance system that interfaces a patient’s aviation route to the anesthesia machine. It makes artificial air through which a patient breathes takes in and out.

The main components of a bain circuit include are corrugated, flexible, and low-resistance tubing.

Bain circuits utilize a high new gas stream to convey anesthetic gases to the patient’s aviation route and to clean out the breathed-out carbon dioxide.


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Dimensions32 × 30 × 5 cm

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  1. Sunny

    bain circuit quality is good

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