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Romson Foley Trac 2 Way Pedia

A Romson Foley Trac 2 Way Pedia is a thin, flexible, and sterile tube that is passed through the urethra into the urinary bladder. Urine drains from the bladder into a bag that is attached to one of the lumens of the catheter. The catheter is held in its place with a balloon at one end which is filled with sterile water.

A drainage system thus consists of the catheter and a urine collection bag. It is an indwelling catheter (it remains in the body for a considerable amount of time).

  • Box of 10
  • 2 Way



‘- The Romson Foley Trac 2 Way Pedia.

– This 2-way foley catheter is silicone elastomer coated and is sterile.

– This foley balloon catheter is manufactured with efficient, hard plastic, nonreturn valve to facilitate quick and hassle-free inflation and deflation.

– These foley catheters have sturdy and properly coned soft closed tips to enable easy penetration.

– Large, laterally placed drainage eyelets of this urinary catheter enable efficient, trouble-free drainage.

-The Foley Trac foley catheter has a highly elastic drainage funnel. It grips the tapered connector of the urine bag and prevents any accidental disconnection.

– The nonreturn valve has the standard size color-coded sleeve for instant recognition of size.

– The foley catheter is available in the sizes of 08, and 10fg.

– These foley catheters come in a standard packing of 10 units per box.

– Empty the drainage bag before it is fully filled or every 4 to 8 hours. Do not let the drain tube touch the container the urine is draining into when emptying the bag.

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions45 × 6 × 1 cm

08 FG, 10 FG


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