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Jelonet -10cm*30cm (10 Foils box)

2 Reviews

A Jelonet wound dressing is commonly used to dress minor burns and scalds, skin graft sites, and other types of wounds. Jelonet has been traditionally used to manage skin grafts and donor sites. This is sterile leno-weave gauze impregnated with yellow soft paraffin.




Jelonet Specifications?

  • Soft paraffin base
  • 10 foils in a box
  • Sterile leno weave presentation
  • Comprehensive size range


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Weight0.17 kg
Dimensions16 × 18 × 3 cm

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  1. Jeff Thomas

    Good product and very helpful in wounds healing

  2. Kanu Banna Rathore

    Good Quality in best price also very fast delivery as you need

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