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3M Transpore Plastic Surgical Tape

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3M transpore plastic surgical tape is Hypo-allergenic and latex-free, and it is ideal for reliably securing bulky dressings, lightweight devices, and tubing.

  • Transparent
  • Easy to handle


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3M Transpore Plastic Surgical Tape is ideal for reliably securing bulky dressings, tubing, and lightweight devices. It is porous & breathable to allow ventilation & maintain skin integrity


– This transparent & perforated polyethylene surgical tape can be torn easily in both directions offering customizable tape width for better and more secure taping

– The medical tape with its transparent backing, enhances visibility to facilitate effective monitoring of the affected skin

  • Hypo-allergenic & latex-free material for safe usage on sensitive skin
  • Clean bi-directional tear for customized application and ease of use
  • High initial adhesion, suitable for and securing lightweight tubing and medium to bulky dressings
  • Highly breathable & water resistant to allow long-lasting adhesion


– Anchoring bulky dressing

– When tape width needs to be customized

– Securing tubing and devices


1.25 cms X 9.14 meters– Box of 24
2.5 cm X 9.14 meters– Box of 12
5.0 cms X 9.14 meters– Box of 6
7.5 cms X 9.14 meters– Box of 4


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Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions13 × 8 × 8 cm

0.5 inch*9.1 mtr, 1 inch *9.1 mtr, 2 inch*9.1 mtr, 3 inch*9.1 mtr

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