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Tynor Weight Cuff (0.5 Kg)

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The steel balls and fillings inside the weight and tightening strap ensure complete safety and do not cause injury

It is ideal for exercise, for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation

It can also be used during the normal daily routine to improve muscle mass, strength, muscle tone, and stamina

The Tynor Weight Cuff provides a 0.5-kilogram weight on your wrist

The weight is in comfortable wrapping that is soft on the skin and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or discomfort



Tynor Weight Cuff is a type of ankle weight designed for adding resistance to exercises to strengthen the muscles around the ankle and lower leg. It consists of a strap that can be secured around the ankle and weighted inserts that can be added or removed to adjust the amount of resistance. The weight cuff is typically used for physical therapy or rehabilitation after an injury, or for improving athletic performance by adding resistance to lower body exercises. It is important to use ankle weights under the guidance of a healthcare professional or a trained fitness professional to avoid injury.

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    Enough good for exercise

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