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Polymed Polyneo Adva IV Cannula 24G

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  • With Adva Needle Technology
  • Size: 24G
  • Quick Flashback
  • With Small Wings


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Polymed Polyneo Adva IV Cannula 24G is meant for Quick Flashback with adva Needle Technology. The Quick Flashback instantly confirms successful venipuncture

-The Adva needle technology of this IV cannula enhances success in first-prick of needle

-The cannula allows for instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter body increases clinician’s ability to successfully access the vein

-The Polyneo Adva IV Cannula is available in 24G size


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Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions10 × 3 × 3 cm

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  1. Mahesh Babu

    worth money product

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