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Ethicon PDS II Sutures USP 6-0, 3/8 Circle Round Body MultiPass BV 175-6 Double Needle – W9091H – 36 Foils

Needle Length: 8mm

Suture Length: 45cm

Colour: Violet

Suture Type: Synthetic Monofilament

Absorption Profile: Absorbable : 180 – 210 Days

Suture Diameter: USP 6-0

Suture Material: Polydioxanone Polymer

Needle Description: 8mm, 3/8 Circle Round Body MultiPass BV 175-6 Double Needle



Ethicon PDS II Sutures USP 6-0, 3/8 Circle Round Body MultiPass BV 175-6 Double Needle – W9091H – 36 Foils is a medical product used for suturing wounds.

As before, “Ethicon” refers to the brand name of the product, which is produced by Ethicon Inc.

“PDS II” is the name of the suture material, which is an absorbable synthetic suture made from a polymer called polydioxanone. This material is known for its strength and long-lasting absorption profile, with the suture typically maintaining its tensile strength for up to six weeks before being absorbed by the body.

“USP 6-0” refers to the diameter of the suture, with USP standing for United States Pharmacopeia and 6-0 indicating a very small size, suitable for delicate tissue or microsurgery.

“3/8 Circle” refers to the shape of the needle, which has a semi-circular shape that is useful for suturing in tighter spaces.

“Round Body” indicates that the suture material has a smooth, cylindrical shape rather than a flat or twisted shape. This can help reduce tissue damage during suturing and facilitate knot tying.

“MultiPass” refers to the needle design, which has multiple cutting edges that can create a precise, clean hole in tissue. This can help reduce tissue trauma and improve healing outcomes.

“BV 175-6” refers to the needle size and shape, with BV indicating a cutting needle and 175-6 indicating the needle length and diameter.

“Double Needle” indicates that there are two needles attached to the suture material, which can facilitate suturing in certain situations.

“W9091H” is a product code and packaging designation. “W9091H” is the product code for this specific type of suture. “-36 Foils” indicates that the product is packaged in 36 foil packets, with each packet containing a specific number of sutures depending on the size and length of the suture.

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