Flamingo Arm Pouch

Category: Ortho Care
Brand: Flamingo
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    Flamingo arm pouch XL is an adjustable broad shoulder pad that reduces neck and shoulder pressureThumb loop inside for desired hand restFor pain relief & strains, fractures, and dislocationSupports elbow in flexion positionSuitable for supporting arm with a castAdjustable broad shoulder pad


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  • An arm pouch, also known as an arm sling pouch or arm bag, is a small pouch or bag designed to be worn around the arm for carrying personal items or essentials. It provides a convenient and hands-free solution for individuals who need to carry items while keeping their arms free or when mobility is limited. Here is a general description of an arm pouch:
  • Design: An arm pouch is typically compact and lightweight, allowing for easy attachment and comfortable wear around the arm. It is designed to securely hold items without hindering arm movement or causing discomfort.

  • Material: Arm pouches are commonly made of durable and lightweight materials such as nylon, polyester, or neoprene. These materials offer flexibility, resistance to wear, and water resistance, ensuring the protection of the items carried.

  • Pockets and Compartments: The arm pouch may feature one or multiple pockets or compartments to organize and store different items. These pockets can vary in size, with some designed to accommodate specific items like smartphones, keys, wallets, or small accessories.

  • Closure Mechanism: Arm pouches usually incorporate a closure mechanism such as zippers, Velcro, or snap buttons to secure the contents and prevent them from falling out while in motion.

  • Adjustable Strap: The pouch is typically attached to the arm using an adjustable strap or band. This allows for easy customization and ensures a snug and comfortable fit around the arm.

  • Accessibility: Many arm pouches are designed with accessibility in mind, providing quick and easy access to the items stored inside. This can include features like external pockets, transparent windows for touchscreen devices, or headphone ports for listening to music on the go.

  • Versatility: Arm pouches can be used in various situations and activities such as running, hiking, traveling, or simply when hands-free convenience is desired. They can be worn on either the dominant or non-dominant arm, depending on personal preference.

  • Reflective Details: Some arm pouches may include reflective elements or piping to enhance visibility during low-light conditions, providing an added safety feature for outdoor activities.

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