Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula

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Brand: Nipro
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    • Available in Size 20G, 22G
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    • FLOW: 33 ml/Min

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  • Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula refers to a range of intravenous catheters manufactured by Nipro. IV cannulas, also known as IV catheters, are medical devices used to access veins for the administration of fluids, medications, or blood products directly into the bloodstream. Here are some general details about the Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula:
  • Design: The Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula is designed with a beveled needle tip and a flexible catheter. It typically includes features such as a winged or wingless design for secure placement and a color-coded hub for easy identification of different sizes.

  • Sizes: The Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula is available in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs. Common sizes range from 14G (larger diameter) to 24G (smaller diameter), with the smaller gauge numbers indicating a larger diameter.

  • Features: The IV cannulas may have additional features such as an injection port or extension tubing for medication administration or blood sampling.

  • Nipro is a well-known medical device manufacturer, and the Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula is designed to provide safe and reliable vascular access during medical procedures.
  • For specific information about the Nipro Shinrai IV Cannula, including detailed specifications, instructions for use, and availability, it is recommended to contact a local pharmacy or medical supplier that carries Nipro products. They can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information based on your specific requirements.

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