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Romsons Toomey Syringe With Catheter Mount

Category: Syringe
Brand: Romsons
SKU: 29154

    • Prominent graduation ensures dosage accuracy.
    • Made of Non-Toxic, Non-irritant Medical Grade pasties.
    • Individually packed in a peelable pouch pack.
    • Sterile, ready for use.


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The Romsons Toomey Syringe with Catheter Mount is a medical device used for irrigation, aspiration, or drainage procedures. It consists of a Toomey syringe and a catheter mount, which allows for the connection of other medical devices such as catheters or drainage tubes.

Here are some key features and details about the Romsons Toomey Syringe with Catheter Mount:

  1. Toomey Syringe: The Toomey syringe is a specific type of syringe commonly used for irrigation or aspiration procedures. It has a tapered tip and a luer slip or luer lock connection for attaching various accessories.

  2. Catheter Mount: The catheter mount is an adapter that connects the Toomey syringe to other medical devices like catheters or drainage tubes. It typically features a luer lock connection on one end to securely attach the syringe and a female connector on the other end for connecting additional devices.

  3. Material and Sterility: The syringe and catheter mount are typically made of medical-grade materials, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or other suitable materials. They are often supplied sterile to maintain aseptic conditions during procedures.

The Romsons Toomey Syringe with Catheter Mount is commonly used in medical settings, particularly in procedures involving irrigation, aspiration, or drainage. It allows for controlled delivery of fluids or aspiration of fluids or gases from the body using the Toomey syringe, and the catheter mount provides a secure connection to other medical devices.

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