Abdominal Sponge

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    • 10 Pcs Pack
    • Made from 100% cotton layered gauze
    • High Absorbency
    • Soft and skin-friendly
    • A sturdy loop attached firmly to one corner
    • With X-Ray threaded

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  • An abdominal sponge, also known as a laparotomy sponge or abdominal pad, is a medical device used during surgical procedures in the abdominal area. Here is some information about abdominal sponges:
  • Absorbent Material: Abdominal sponges are typically made of a soft, absorbent material, such as cotton or a combination of cotton and rayon. They are designed to effectively absorb fluids and maintain a clean surgical field.

  • Sterile: Abdominal sponges are manufactured and packaged under sterile conditions to minimize the risk of contamination during surgery. Sterility is crucial to prevent infection and promote proper wound healing.

  • Sizes and Shapes: Abdominal sponges come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different surgical needs. They can range from small, square pads to larger rectangular or triangular pads. The size and shape used depend on the specific surgical procedure and the surgeon's preference.

  • Visibility: Some abdominal sponges have radiopaque strips or markers embedded in them. These markers are visible on X-rays and other imaging techniques, allowing surgeons to detect and locate any retained sponges in the patient's body after surgery.

  • Surgical Placement: During a surgical procedure, abdominal sponges are placed in the abdominal cavity to help absorb blood, fluids, and other secretions. They can be used to provide gentle pressure and aid in the control of bleeding or to protect delicate organs and tissues.

  • Counting and Retrieval: Surgical teams carefully account for all abdominal sponges used during a procedure to ensure none are inadvertently left inside the patient's body. A thorough count is performed before and after surgery, and X-rays may be taken to confirm sponge retrieval.

  • Disposable: Abdominal sponges are typically disposable and single-use devices. They are discarded after use to maintain a sterile environment and prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

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