Healthium (Sutures India) Trulon, code SN 3328A

Category: Surgical
Brand: Sutures India
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    • Monofilament polyamide
    • Available in black
    • Non-adhering and biologically inert
    • Sterilized by ethylene oxide
    • Cuticular and subcuticular closure
    • Orthopedic surgery
    • Ophthalmic
    • General closure

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Healthium Trulon, code SN 3328A, size 3-0 -12 Foils is a type of surgical suture made by Healthium Medtech, a medical device company based in India.The suture is made of a synthetic material called polyglactin 910, which is a copolymer of glycolide and lactide. It is a braided and coated suture, which provides strength and durability during the healing process. The suture has a USP (United States Pharmacopeia) size of 3-0, which is a standard measure of the diameter of the suture thread.The code SN 3328A refers to a specific product code or lot number of the suture, which can be used for tracking and quality control purposes. The 12 foils packaging indicates that the suture is packaged in individual foils to maintain sterility.Related Searches: sutures india pvt ltd website, sutures india product catalog, sutures india pvt ltd bangalore, sutures india healthium, sutures india website, sutures india price list, sutures india pvt ltd products, sutures india new name, sutures india sri city, ob kit suture india, gore tex suture india, surgical sutures india, sutures india pvt ltd, suture manufacturers in india, suture practice kit india, suture companies in india, suture anchor price in india

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