B BRAUN Perifix 401 Filter Set

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    Perican Epidural Needle- Tuohy Bevel- 0.5 cm Length Marking- Transparent Hub with Wings- Stylet, Color Coded- Perifix ONE Catheter- Material: Polyamide / Polyurethane- Length: 720 mm (24G)/1000 mm (20G)- 3 Pairs of Micro-holes- Special Catheter Graduation from 20 mm to 200 mm- Threading Assist Guide

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  • The B Braun Perifix Filter Set is a medical device used for the filtration of fluids during medical procedures. It is designed to remove particulate matter, microorganisms, and air bubbles from fluids to ensure their purity and safety during administration.
  • Here are some key features and components that may be found in the B Braun Perifix Filter Set:
  • Filter Housing: The Perifix Filter Set includes a housing that holds the filter membrane in place. The housing is designed to allow fluid to pass through while retaining contaminants.

  • Filter Membrane: The filter membrane is the critical component of the set that removes particulate matter, microorganisms, and air bubbles from fluids. It acts as a barrier, allowing only clean and filtered fluid to pass through.

  • Connection Ports: The filter set typically has connection ports on both ends for easy integration into the fluid administration system. These ports may have standard luer-lock fittings or other compatible connectors.

  • Housing Cap: Some filter sets may include a housing cap that covers and seals the filter housing to maintain the integrity of the filtration process.

  • Membrane Pore Size: The filter membrane may have a specific pore size, which determines the size of particles and microorganisms it can effectively filter out. Different filter sets may have different pore sizes based on their intended applications.

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