BD Arterial Cannula With Flow Switch -20G

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Brand: BD
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    Over the needle insertionEasy to useStaff satisfactionFlashback chamberPrevents back-flowEasy and fast visualisation of backflowReduced blood spillage

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This catheter is designed for insertion into peripheral arteries, for the determination of blood gas estimations or monitoring blood pressure. The Floswitch on/off device prevents back-flow thereby reducing the risk of air emboli and potential contamination by exposure to blood. It has Venflon-like insertion characteristics, and wings to facilitate fixation.Needlestick injury protectionThe automatic needle tip safety mechanism requires no change to the insertion process to make the needle tip safe.Consistent insertion propertiesThe precise interplay between the needle and catheter tip on every product gives ideal and consistent insertion properties.Variants for individual careDifferent sizes and lengths address a broad spectrum of clinical requirements.Operator-controlled blood flowThe flow switch provides easy control of the blood associated with arterial catheter insertion. Care and maintenance is facilitated in a blood-free way.Features to aid insertionThe ergonomic design offers flexible handling during insertion.The large blood indication chamber gives more time to confirm correct location during insertion and the removable flow control plug allows a syringe to be connected.SWiTCH over-the-needle catheter suitable for radial placement.The risk of complications is lower when placing the catheter in the radial artery compared to the brachial and/or the femoral artery. Incidence 2.7 vs 12.3/9 per 10,000 patients.SizeSWiTCH 20G 45mm & 22G 35 and 45mm 20G prior to 18G.The risk for complications is associated with catheter size. It’s significantly less risk for complications using a 20G catheter compared to 18G.22G prior to 20GUsing a 22G catheter improves first-attempt success rate, compared to 20G.After removal, lower incidence of arterial occlusion and higher blood flow can be measured when using 22G compared to 20G.MaterialSWiTCH FEP (Teflon)Catheters made from polytetrafluoroethylene (‘Teflon’) seem to minimise the risk of clot formation.

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