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Bonne Water Teether

Category: Express Delivery Baby Care
Brand: Bonne
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    • Designed to sooth baby's tender gums
    • Filled with pure water; the teether can be chilled in any household refrigerator.
    • Ergonomically designed for easy hold
    • Designed and tested for 100% safety for the kids
    • Does not contain PVC or Plastic
    • Actual design of teether could be different from image

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  • A water teether, also known as a water-filled teether, is a type of teething toy designed to provide relief to infants and young children during the teething process.
  • Design: A water teether typically consists of a small, lightweight toy filled with sterilized water. It is specifically designed to be easy for infants to hold and chew on.

  • Soothing Effect: The water-filled interior of the teether provides a cooling and soothing sensation when the baby bites or chews on it. The cold temperature can help alleviate gum soreness and discomfort associated with teething.

  • Textured Surface: Water teethers often have textured surfaces with bumps, ridges, or raised patterns. These textures provide additional stimulation to the gums and help massage them, providing further relief.

  • BPA-Free and Safe: Water teethers are typically made from BPA-free materials to ensure they are safe for infants to use. BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is best avoided in products intended for babies.

  • Easy to Clean: Water teethers are designed to be easily cleaned. They can be rinsed with warm soapy water or wiped clean with a baby-safe cleaning wipe.

  • Age Range: Water teethers are suitable for infants and young children who are going through the teething process. The specific age range may vary, but they are generally designed for babies around 3 months and older.

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