Allevyn Sacrum Dressing 17cm x 17cm

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    • Shaped to fit sacral area
    • Low allergy adhesive
    • Tapered construction and micro-thin edges
    • Unique trilaminate construction
    • Perforated wound contact layer
    • Highly absorbent central hydrocellular layer
    • Waterproof and bacteria proof outer film layer
    • Available in two sizes

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  • Allevyn Sacrum is a type of wound dressing specifically designed for sacral wounds, which are wounds located in the sacral area of the lower back, just above the tailbone. It is manufactured by Smith+Nephew, a global medical technology company.
  • Allevyn Sacrum dressings are made from a soft, conformable foam material that provides a moist wound environment to promote healing. The dressing has a unique shape with an integrated sacral pad that is designed to fit comfortably over the sacral area, providing optimal coverage and protection.
  • The key features and benefits of Allevyn Sacrum dressing include:
  • Absorption: The foam dressing has excellent fluid-handling capabilities, allowing it to absorb excess wound fluid while maintaining a moist wound environment.

  • Breathability: The dressing is breathable, which helps to prevent maceration (softening and breakdown of the skin due to excessive moisture) and allows for moisture vapor transmission.

  • Conformability: Allevyn Sacrum dressing is flexible and easily molds to the contours of the sacral area, ensuring a secure fit and enhanced patient comfort.

  • Non-adhesive: The dressing has a non-adherent wound contact layer, minimizing trauma and pain during dressing changes.

  • Waterproof outer layer: The outer layer of the dressing is water-resistant, providing a barrier against bacteria and other contaminants while allowing the patient to shower or bathe without compromising the dressing.

  • Extended wear time: Allevyn Sacrum dressing is designed to be left in place for an extended period, which reduces the frequency of dressing changes and minimizes disruption to the wound healing process.

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