Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Wool (500 Gm)

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Brand: Surginatal
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    • Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Extra White Cotton
    • Packing Size: 500 Gram
    • 100 % Cotton
    • High Absorbency Quality
    • Used in: Orthopedic Surgeries, Baby Care, First Aid & Cosmetics
    • Natural White Color
    • Soft, Smooth, and Hygienic

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Sun Cure Absorbent Zig-Zag Cotton (500gm) is made from superior quality 100% cotton, these possess high absorbency quality. To prevent rashes, this zig-zag cotton works well for delicate skin and is a great option.

Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Wool is a type of cotton product commonly used in various healthcare and personal care applications. It is made from 100% pure cotton fibers that are carefully processed and sterilized to ensure hygiene and safety.

The term "zig zag" refers to the way the cotton wool is folded or layered, creating a unique pattern that allows for easy separation and use. This design feature enables users to tear off individual portions of the cotton wool without having to unravel the entire roll or package.

Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Wool has excellent absorbent properties, making it suitable for a range of applications, including:

  1. Wound Care: It can be used as a primary or secondary dressing for wound management. The cotton wool absorbs exudate from the wound, helps maintain a moist environment, and provides cushioning and protection.

  2. Personal Hygiene: It is commonly used for personal hygiene purposes, such as cleansing and drying the skin. It can be used with cleansing lotions or antiseptic solutions to gently clean wounds, cuts, or other affected areas.

  3. Medical Procedures: Zig Zag Absorbent Cotton Wool is often used in medical procedures to control bleeding, apply pressure, or create a barrier between the patient's skin and medical instruments.

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