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Bain Circuit Green Beg

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Brand: Surginatal
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    • Anesthesia delivery system
    • Corrugated tube with Elbow
    • The co-axial fresh gas tube inside the corrugated tube
    • Bubble Oxygen tube
    • Plug-in mount to connect to Boyles Apparatus


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  • A Bain circuit, also known as a Mapleson D circuit, is a type of breathing circuit commonly used in anesthesia for delivering and monitoring the patient's inhaled and exhaled gases during surgery or other medical procedures. The term "Bain circuit" is named after its inventor, Dr. William Bain.
  • Tubing: The Bain circuit consists of a flexible and transparent breathing circuit tubing. The length of the tubing may vary but is typically around 1.5 to 2 meters long. It is made of a smooth and lightweight material that allows for easy handling and flexibility.
  • Y-piece: The circuit features a Y-piece connector at the patient end of the tubing. The Y-piece is typically made of clear plastic and allows for the attachment of various components such as a face mask, endotracheal tube, or tracheal tube.
  • Inspiratory Limb: The Y-piece of the circuit is divided into two limbs. The larger limb, known as the inspiratory limb, carries the fresh gas flow from the anesthesia machine to the patient's airway. The inspiratory limb may have a corrugated texture for flexibility and may include a swivel connector for easy positioning.
  • Expiratory Limb: The smaller limb, known as the expiratory limb, carries the patient's exhaled gases away from the patient and into the scavenging system. The expiratory limb is typically smooth and may include an expiratory valve or reservoir bag to facilitate the removal of carbon dioxide and waste gases.
  • Fresh Gas Inlet: The inspiratory limb of the circuit is connected to the fresh gas inlet of the anesthesia machine. This connection allows for the delivery of fresh gas mixtures, including oxygen and inhalation anesthetic agents, to the patient.
  • Scavenging Connection: The expiratory limb of the circuit is connected to a scavenging system, which helps remove waste gases and excess pressure from the circuit. This connection prevents the buildup of waste gases in the operating room and ensures a safe environment for healthcare providers and patients.

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