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ESU Cautery Pencil

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Brand: Surginatal
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    The AD-Cut ESU Cautery Pencil is used for cutting and coagulating during surgical procedures.- 2.75 Blade electrode- Crystal Blade- 304 medical grade as tip

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  • Surginatal ESU Cautery Pencil electrosurgical pencil is designed in a streamlined shape with a light character. The cautery pencil has the functions of cut and coagulation and has the modes of button switch, and footswitch control. Functions and modes are available in various colors. The seal-up design endues the inside circuit board with excellent waterproof properties. Ergonomics lightweight design, strong material, and humanized skid-proof design make the operator more comfortable during operation.
  • Cutting: The cautery pencil can be used to make incisions in tissue. It delivers a high-frequency electrical current that heats the tissue, causing it to vaporize and create a clean incision. The cutting function is particularly useful in procedures where precision is crucial, such as plastic surgery or ophthalmic surgery.
  • Type of Sterilization:- Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Coagulation: The cautery pencil can be used to coagulate small blood vessels, preventing bleeding during surgery. When the pencil comes into contact with the vessel, the electrical current heats the vessel, causing it to coagulate and seal off. Coagulation helps control bleeding and improves visibility during the procedure.
  • Dissection: The cautery pencil can aid in dissecting tissue during surgical procedures. By carefully controlling the depth and intensity of the electrical current, surgeons can use the pencil to separate tissues, cut through adhesions, and create precise surgical planes.
  • Cauterization: Cauterization is the process of burning or destroying tissue using heat. The cautery pencil can be used to cauterize tissue to achieve hemostasis or to remove abnormal tissue, such as warts or polyps. By delivering a controlled amount of heat, the pencil can effectively burn and seal off blood vessels and tissue.

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