Datt Medi Softlaps Lap Sponge 25 cm x 25 cm-8ply-15 pcs

Category: Gauze Products
Brand: Datt
SKU: 29901

₹399 ₹945
    • Made of 100% Cotton Gauze Fabric
    • Bleaching done by using Hydrogen Peroxide & de-mineralized water
    • All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue
    • Available with X-ray detectable thread
    • Tape stitched at the corner
    • Available in non-sterile packaging
    • Tied in bundles of 5’s with red thread for easy counting

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  • The Datt Medi Softlaps Lap Sponge is a sterile surgical sponge commonly used in medical procedures. It provides an absorbent and sterile surface for various applications during surgeries or other medical interventions.
  • Here are some details about the Datt Medi Softlaps Lap Sponge with the specifications you provided:
  • Size: The lap sponge measures 25 cm x 25 cm, indicating its dimensions.

  • Ply: The lap sponge is 8-ply, meaning it is composed of eight layers of material. The higher the ply, the thicker and more absorbent the sponge tends to be.

  • Sterility: The lap sponges are individually packaged in a sterile manner to maintain their sterility until use. This helps reduce the risk of contamination and maintain aseptic conditions during surgical procedures.

  • Quantity: The package you mentioned includes 15 pieces of lap sponges. This quantity ensures an adequate supply for use in surgical or medical settings.

  • The Datt Medi Softlaps Lap Sponge is designed to be soft and absorbent, allowing it to effectively absorb fluids, blood, or exudate during procedures. It's important to adhere to proper sterilization and usage protocols when using lap sponges or any other medical devices to ensure patient safety and prevent infection.

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