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Dent Cal - Calcium Hydroxide Paste

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    • Highly alkaline, radio-opaque
    • Water based past
    • Easy removal and cleaning
    • Optimum consistency for ease of application

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Dent Cal is a formulation of calcium hydroxide & barium sulfate in ready-to-use paste form. It is a highly alkaline radiopaque water-soluble paste that could be easily cleaned and removed from the canal whenever required.

Calcium hydroxide paste is a dental material commonly used in various dental procedures. It is a mixture of calcium hydroxide powder and a liquid, usually distilled water or a special vehicle.

Here are some applications of calcium hydroxide paste in dentistry:

  1. Pulp capping: Calcium hydroxide paste is often used as a direct pulp capping material. When a cavity or trauma exposes the dental pulp (the innermost layer of the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels), the calcium hydroxide paste can be placed directly on the exposed pulp to stimulate the formation of a dentin bridge and protect the pulp from further damage.

  2. Apexification: In cases where the root of a tooth is incompletely formed, calcium hydroxide paste can be used in a procedure called apexification. It is placed in the root canal space to stimulate the formation of a hard tissue barrier at the root tip, allowing for successful root canal treatment.

  3. Temporary intracanal dressing: Calcium hydroxide paste can be used as a temporary dressing material inside the root canal during endodontic treatment. It helps disinfect the root canal system, neutralize acids, and promote healing before the definitive root canal filling is placed.

  4. Pulpotomy: In pediatric dentistry, calcium hydroxide paste may be used in a pulpotomy procedure, which involves removing the infected pulp from the crown of the tooth while leaving the vital pulp in the root intact. The paste is placed on the remaining vital pulp tissue to promote healing and the formation of a dentin bridge.

Calcium hydroxide paste has antimicrobial properties, promotes the remineralization of tooth structure, and can aid in the formation of reparative dentin. It is typically applied by a dental professional during specific dental procedures.

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