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Dental Polishing Paste

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Flare Dental Polishing Paste comes in various flavors such as strawberry, orange are used for polishing and fluoridation after scaling. Flare Dental Polishing Paste Minty is mint flavored produces a fresh, pleasant tingling sensation, and relieves the irritation caused by the mechanical action of the scaling. Flare Dental Polishing Paste is a cleaning and polishing paste with a unique combination of abrasive materials zirconium silicate and pumice powder for cleaning and polishing during dental procedures. It contains sodium fluoride at a concentration of 1% fluoride ion for post-treatment comfort to the patient. Spectra Prophylaxis paste is produced in a variety of fruit flavors for a pleasant feeling during the treatment procedure.

Dental polishing paste is a dental material used for polishing and finishing procedures in dentistry. It is a specially formulated paste that contains abrasive particles and a vehicle to help remove surface stains, smooth rough surfaces, and create a glossy appearance on dental restorations and natural teeth.

Here are some key points about dental polishing paste:

  1. Abrasive particles: Dental polishing pastes contain abrasive particles that vary in size and composition. The type and size of abrasive particles depend on the intended use and the material being polished. Commonly used abrasive particles include silica, alumina, diamond particles, and pumice.

  2. Vehicle: The polishing paste is combined with a vehicle, which is usually a water-based or oil-based gel or paste. The vehicle helps to suspend and distribute the abrasive particles evenly, making it easier to apply and control during the polishing procedure.

  3. Polishing applications: Dental polishing paste is used in various dental procedures, including polishing of natural tooth surfaces, composite restorations, porcelain restorations, and metal restorations. It can be applied using a dental handpiece with a rubber cup, a brush, or specialized polishing instruments.

  4. Particle size and grits: Dental polishing pastes come in different grits or particle sizes, ranging from coarse to fine. Coarser grits are used for initial stain or surface removal, while finer grits are used for achieving a smooth and glossy finish. The choice of grit depends on the specific clinical situation and the desired outcome.

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